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The NCL Medicines Optimisation Network (MON) has been in existence since 2004, providing a collection of healthcare professionals working across different sectors of the NHS, with a common goal of securing improved outcomes for patients and value for the NHS. It has evolved over this time to support the changing agenda of the NHS. The current structure has been developed in response to actions points recommended by Lord Carter and those within the Five Year Forward View.? Following on from the NHS Call to Action, the MON seeks to support the NHS objective to ensure patients continue to access high quality medicine care whilst maintaining financial viability of the NHS. The NCL MON should continue to exist as true network of committees and groups that aim to ensure that safe, effective and cost-effective use of medicines is at the heart of all medicines-related decisions made within NCL. A brief description of the composite groups is given below.

Committees within the network

NCL Joint Formulary Committee

Our Area Prescribing Committee, providing advice to Commissioners and Provider Trusts on the safe, appropriate, equitable, evidence-based and cost-effective use of medicines across the health and social interface

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NCL Medicines Optimisation Committee

Optimising patient experience of medicines, and promoting excellence in medicines optimisation and coordination of care within NCL

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NCL Chief Pharmacists HoPMOp Group

Established to collaboratively develop and implement their Hospital Pharmacy Transformation Plan (HPTP) to reduce unwarranted variation and to improve productivity and efficiency

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NCL CCG Heads of Medicines Management

Provides oversight on Medicines Optimisation opportunities that impact on GP prescribing and CCG commissioned medicines and services

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Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees

Responsible for coordinating the evaluation, and publishing recommendations to guide local adoption, of all new medicines and major new indications which are not scheduled for review by NICE TA programme

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NCL Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Clinical commissioning groups, local authorities and NHS providers working together to set out how local health and care services will transform and become sustainable over the next five years to deliver the Five Year Forward View vision.

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